"  I changed the rules on Upper Red Lake"   laughed veteran guide Jonny Petrowske. Taking his years as a fishhouse outfitter, teaming that experience with decades of guiding, then adding a dash of mad scientist, he created Upper Red Lake’s first fully tracked transport and remote sleeper house service. " No more plowing roads, no more worrying about cracks, ridges, slush, bridges, crowding anglers, high winds or snow storms. Simply put we go wherever we want, whenever we want. My clients and I will follow the fish, not the plows.” - The Herald 

Jonny P didn't like the rules, so he made his own! 

A new approach. Red Lake Remote changed the
Red Lake ice game with a pack of tracked transports,
a fleet of brand new fully outfitted sleeper houses and 
a new north shore access miles from the closest ice
road system! Red Lake Remote utilizes multiple tracked
machines to safely transport anglers and gear to and 
from the large 10’x20’ four man sleeper houses. You
have a choice of five separate check in times, from 
11:30 AM - 3:30PM to arrive and be transported to your sleeper.  Simply park your truck, SUV, or even high mileage smart car safely in our secure private parking area. Then we load up in one of the tracked transports and head out to where the fish are biting in the set up and ready sleeper houses. No more risking your safety or the safety of your vehicle on the ice, no more worries about bad weather, bad road conditions, getting lost in white outs or hearing about the good bite past the end of the road you cannot get to…actually, you will be the good bite the others talk about and cannot get to. You will be remote, exclusive and extremely mobile all while enjoying the amenities and comforts in some of the newest sleeper houses on Upper Red Lake.
Sleeper house amenities include:

  • Fully vented safe Empire 35,000 BTU furnaces. Not only warm and dry but very safe. 
  • Two Kidde carbon monoxide & smoke detectors in every house checked daily! 
  • Private restroom, no sharing a filthy, germy outhouse with others on the lake. You get your own attached private restroom.
  • Full sized, wheelchair accessible doors. No tiny tin camper doors, full sized steel doors.
  • Full sized dual pane double hung gas filled windows. 
  • Closed cell fire proof spray foam insulation in walls, ceiling and floor. ULTRA warm and dry!
  • Rattle reels for every hole, pre strung and ready for the latest hot lure.
  • 20 inch gas ovens. Pizza, casserole, meatloaf or even a cake or roast will fit.  
  • Real mattresses with hypoallergenic waterproof covers, clean and sterile! NO dirty foam, stained  mattresses, or noisy spring bunks. Beds are actually beds! Sleep easy and fish hard! Beds are double sanitized during changeover. 
  • Gas lights.
  • Dual 100# propane tanks on auto switch system and -40 keep flow system. No freeze ups, no run outs no excuses. You will be warm and safe.
  • Houses moved constantly! We will move you if the bite gets better a mile away and house are normally moved every 4 or 5 nights of fishing. 
  • Four chairs, folding table, cleaning boards and garbage container/bags in house.
  • We avoid crowds and road systems like the plague, we will always do everything we can to have you on your own little chunk of Upper Red Lake away from the noise, commotion and crowding.
  • Houses are cleaned by a dedicated housekeeping staff. We pride ourselves on very clean and sanitary facilities. 
  •  Rubber tread floor, no slip and ultra easy clean up that dries very fast.  

Frequently asked questions. 

Large groups:

Red Lake Remote does not recommend large groups or multiple house reservations. We do not move houses close together for groups, and all at once check-ins are not allowed. For large groups, with 5 or more anglers requiring multiple houses at one time, we suggest one of the many road based outfitters that are setup to handle larger groups and already have the houses close together, or offer 5-8 man houses.

What should we bring?

  • Think of it as a primitive cabin on ice.
  •  Bring sleeping bags/bedding, food, drinks, pots, pans, dishes, cooking utensils, paper towels etc. Bring a spatula and cocktail ice! Everybody forgets the spatula and ice. If you do forget the spatula and ice you will receive a healthy dose of grief from your guide before he finds you a loner spatula and removes a bag of ice from his secret stash.  Don't be the group that forgot the spatula and ice.
  •  All your ice fishing gear, rods, tackle and even an auger if you want to go exploring or move tip ups around past the outside holes we will drill for you.  
  • Spare batteries for flashers/cameras if on a multi day visit.
  • Fillet knife, batter, oil and pan to cook fish. Don't forget the spatula!
  • NEW for 2016- Onsite heated one man fish cleaning shed! MN law states you can only clean walleye on Red Lake in direct preparation of a meal on ice. Now you can legally clean your fish want to take home on shore before you leave. 
  • Bring bait! TWO SCOOPS OF MINNOWS PER HOUSE PER NIGHT has been the average when the fish are going. Do not run out of bait during a hot bite at 1AM trying to save $5.00! Do that and next year will be paired up with the groups that forget the spatulas and ice. A five gallon bucket with a lid used to haul in bait works great to haul fish back out. 
  • Everything will be loaded in the back of a Chevy Suburban or Sno-Cat, pack accordingly. For the over-packers we also use a customized ski trailer to haul out things that can take a few bumps and get snow on them. Rule of thumb is what you can pack into a vehicle to get here we can get onto the ice in one trip. 

Should I bring a Snowmobile or ATV?

  • You bet! We actually encourage it. Bringing a mode of all terrain transportation will give you access back to your vehicle at a whim so you will not need to wait for a transport during off hours.  Also a great way to get out and explore even further past the houses, take off mid day pike fishing or run out deep after dark for crappies in the nearby crappie grounds. We are all about mobility and catching fish, snowmobiles and ATVs are welcome.

Are pets allowed?

  • Sorry no pets allowed, no exceptions to this rule. 

How do I get to Red Lake Remote's private parking area and private access? 

  • Private directions will be included with your booking confirmation similar to the instructions James Bond would receive.  Directions will also be on the 30 day reservation reminder.

Can I just use the access?

  • No public access, no wheel houses, no portables and wheelers and no sad stories. No looking for your lost buddy, lost dog, lost wind blown gear, lost fishouse or other wild excuses to sneak across the access. I have heard and seen about every trick from anglers trying to get across the property. We do not plow a road or plow the deep lakeshore drifts out of the way, we drive over them with tracks, trucks on tires go into them. Previous attempts to sneak across have had a 100% failure rate. Red Lake Remote Ice Fishing operates out of  legally posted and enforced private property that is monitored 24 hours a day by both on-site watch and security cameras. In other words if you are not an active Red Lake Remote client with a reservation you are not authorized to enter the property, and the 1/2 mile driveway into Red Lake Remote and neighboring cabins is also posted private property controlled by Red Lake Remote.  Red Lake Remote's lake site is a private, peaceful and secure access  exclusively for Red Lake Remote clients and we are serious about keeping it that way. 

Contact Information

P.O. Box 452
Waskish, MN, 56685

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 Upper Red Lake's exclusive remote ice fishing outfitter.
 Offering remotely located rental sleeper houses fully serviced by track driven transport. 

"Go where the fish are, not where the road ends."

YELLOW dates have openings, BLACK dates have no availability. Select your dates then click "BOOK NOW" to see vacancies. 10'x20' four man sleepers with private bathroom are $280 per night per sleeper. 
Call or email and ask about our early ice options December 10th through December 25th.